Francois Beaurain
Medina Dugger
Manzel Bowman
Kyle Yearwood

Library Street Collective’s 2019 iteration of Public Matter: Digitalia is curated by Lady PheOnix! Digitalia presents augmented reality artwork by Francois Beaurain and Medina Dugger, Manzel Bowman, KESH, Trevor Stuurman, and Kyle Yearwood. The exhibition is presented by Library Street Collective and Ingrid LaFleur.

Prompted by the increasing emphasis on the digital world, this exhibition explores the symbiotic relationship between technology, identity, and evolving narratives. In the face of intersecting opportunities and oppressions, these works ask important questions about how digital art can both reproduce and redefine complex notions of Blackness. Born into a hyper-connected world, many of today’s young Black artists live with liberating social media platforms for self and artistic expression. With new ways of digital expression, we have an increased ability to seek out new representations and narratives to identify with, share and circulate. This exhibition is rich with an economy of ideas that provides a global look at the visual language and material culture that gives rise to current modes of Black identity, offering a glimpse into a world simultaneously digital and real.