Jason Revok

Entirely self-taught, Jason REVOK is known for pushing creative and legislative boundaries that began in the street. Murals and assemblages of urban decay have evolved as the artist has moved from alley to studio; arguably, he has done more to bring spray paint to minimalist art than any before. He relies on self-made tools for a number of processes that have consumed him like no other: “I’ve never been so committed to an idea,” he says, “and I feel like there are infinite possibilities”. One such invention is an apparatus that holds 8 cans of paint and allows them to spray simultaneously, marking a system of lines that move in synergy for an imperfect pattern that could never be created by hand. The artist introduces gestural glitches in latex and spray that disrupt the type of exacting patterns seen at the height of 60s minimalism, reminding us that there is always a human being behind the work.