Jordan Nickel (Pose)

Named “One to Watch” by CNN in 2015, modern pop artist Jordan Nickel (POSE) has been applauded for his inventive ability to take everyday objects and ideas and successfully communicate something deeper. His attempt to make sense of the environment around him started with young rebellion and has matured into a body of work that is a pop blend of illustration, lettering and comic book aesthetics. While his work relies on harnessing very simple human emotions like love, loss and triumph, these feelings are presented in a complex union of vivid colors and a layered application. As of late, Jordan’s newest collection of works offers a radical departure from maximally collaged elements into more direct, pared down imagery, and the result is intriguing - mature, poised, and candid. Having exhibited his works at galleries spanning the globe – including Dubai, London, New York, Detroit and Los Angeles – his diversity as a visual artist is also apparent in grandiose outdoor settings on six different continents. Museums have also taken notice, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. His aim to promote community engagement and outreach has received press from the likes of The New York Times, BBC News, Vanity Fair and Forbes.